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Lafarge decorative accessories are used to enhance walls and ceilings, and to relieve flat runs of lining, joints and angles Easy to cut and joint corners Less liable to handling damage than decorative coves Hides cracks between wall and ceiling edges
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Siniat Joint Filler is a gypsum based joint compound designed for stage 1 of the taping and jointing process, bedding and filling plasterboard joints. Benefits: High quality professional joint filler for bedding and filling Easy mixing Low shrinkage Consistent setting time Also suitable for bedding corner protection For stage 1 of the taping and jointing process
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Gtec Universal Bonding Compound. Gypsum based compound for direct bonding plasterboard to walls or bonding GTEC Metal Furring Wall Channels to walls. BENEFITS Bonds to the majority of masonry substrates Easy to mix and apply Dabs are quickly applied and allows adjustment during boarding Capable of accommodating nominal background irregularities Can accommodate shallow service runs 10-25mm Supplied in 25kg bags
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