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What the product does Outdoor Cleaner and Disinfectant is the ultimate outdoor cleaner. This multipurpose product is ready to use and ready to tackle a multitude of tasks to leave them clean and smelling ultra-fresh. Clean Pet Housing, greenhouses, wheelie bins, gardening tools, patios, driveways, drains and so much more, efficiently, and hygienically. How it works Removes bad odours. Powerful and Effective Formula. All round outdoor cleaning product. Fresh, ultra clean fragrance. How to use the product Pour over your patio or spray area liberally. Scrub (if necessary) Leave for a few hours Rinse with water Wait to dry Repeat if necessary Suitability For Paths, Patios, Driveways, Pet Housing, Unblocking Drains and so much more. Additional benefits Suitable for pets once dry. Unique selling point Will leave behind a lasting ultra clean fragrance after treatment.
Screen wash concentrate for all seasons. Non-smear formula. Clears traffic film and dirt. Removes insect deposits. What the product does Screen wash concentrate is the perfect economical screen wash for all seasons. The formula has been developed with high quality alcohols to clear traffic film, dirt, insect deposits and leave a clean, smear free finish. How it works Screen wash concentrate breaks down soiling allowing the wiper blades to easily wipe away and leave a clean, smear free finish. How to use the product Dilute at a ratio of 5:1 and add to your washer tank. Suitability Suitable for all vehicles and washer tanks. Additional benefits Added Apple fragrance. Unique selling point Added Apple fragrance.