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Plaster and Plasterboard

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Pro form lite blue joint compound vinyl base ready mix lightweight joint compound. Approximately 30% lighter than conventional ready mix. Lite blue joint compound pulls and sand easier. Reduces shrinkage by up to 33% Lite blue is designed for use in finishing gypsum board joints, spotting fasteners and finishing cornerbead. Finishes metal beads with two coats. Excellent sanding characteristics. Ready to use right from container after mixing VOC content - Less thanks 2 grams/litre
Gyproc Bonding Coat is the ideal solution for smooth or low suction backgrounds such as concrete blocks and plasterboards.
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Gyproc Skimcoat is the perfect solution to your finishing plaster needs. Our Finish Plaster provides superb results and a high quality surface for internal walls and ceilings - it is the best choice for most plastering projects and offers a durable base.
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Bostik Cementone Plasterers stabilising primer is suitable for interior use only designed to provide a “second to none” bond for cement mortars, screeds and renderings, concrete mixes and plasters.
Base Board is the perfect choice to create a fast build weather and air tight envelope with a sturdy breathable, easy-fix building board. Dual faced with a smooth surface and a heavily keyed reverse, Base Board is ideal as both a sheathing and budget render carrier board. The boards are also fire rated giving your building envelope added protection.
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